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Sunday, November 22, 2015 - The Solemnity of Christ the King

by nbk-admin on Friday, November 20, 2015 5:18 AM

The one thing that people did not need was another king who would further tax and restrict their lives!  What they wanted was a messiah, a savior, that would deliver them once again and finally from oppression.  The Jews were looking for a military leader who would conquer their enemies and promote the Jewish nation to a ruling status. 

One king after another, after another, after another throughout time unto the present day has delivered more laws, more taxes, more oppression, suffering and death;  all these kings of earth have prized for themselves power and glory, riches and fame.  They have not made the well-being of the people their most important concern.  They have not cured hunger and poverty within the realms they rule.  They have not made peace but have started countless wars.  They have caused the people to despise them for their lack of love and care.  They have not come to serve the people; they have come to be served by the people.  In a lot of ways, humanity has never thrown off the chains of slavery since Egypt.  We are still enslaved by our “kings”, our governments.

Jesus came as a different kind of King.  His Kingship is not rooted in this world, therefore he would not benefit from riches and fame of an earthly kind.  Jesus taught and taught about how to be a good leader and ruler and it never included oppression, taxes, slavery, poverty and starvation of the people you ruled.   Jesus introduced a very foreign concept of “service” from a leader.  Jesus is the ruler, the King, who frees us from the more powerful chains of sin.  It is Jesus who teaches us to be great “leaders” by being humble servants.  What?!?  Yes! He, himself, washed the feet of his disciples to illustrate this point.  To be GREAT one must be less in themselves.  To lead, you must serve.  Fundamentally this means that to be great at all you must LOVE, all of creation, with all your mind, heart and soul.  Including the bits that are least attractive, the people we find less than deserving of love and forgiveness.  Those are the ones who need our love, prayers and forgiveness the most.  Jesus himself did not come for the saintly, but for the sinners

It is important to remain disconnected from this world by not becoming emotionally dependent on its societies, practices, riches, etc.  While we must obey the rules set by the earthly rulers, in our hearts and minds we know that Jesus is the true King and we must live our lives for His Kingdom.  His rules transform hearts, minds and souls making people MORE, not less.  We must be the vessels of His way and spread the Gospel not so much in words but in worKs.  LIVE the Gospel with love, forgiveness, charity and mercy.  Do not expect anything in return, as our Lord Jesus did not require payment for His sacrifice for our salvation. 

The Psalm this week is Psalm 93:  The Lord is King
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 This Sunday marks the last Sunday of the liturgical year.  Next Sunday is the beginning of the new liturgical year, Year C of the 3 year cycle.  It is also the first day of Advent 2016.  This is the time of fulfillment, the reign of God is at hand.  

Have a blessed week!


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